Jane Taylor CCP
Jane Taylor, Founder of Collaborative Craft Projects
From Africa and beyond...

Specialising in bespoke basketry and unique natural flooring solutions, Jane Taylor works in tandem with Zimbabwe’s top designers to help realise their vision, and create exceptional lifestyle products. Jane has more than two decades of product design and production experience, and a strong passion for authentic interior design. Her natural aesthetic has allowed her to create CCP’s signature collections as well as work on many regional installations in the hospitality sector.

Collaborative Craft Projects was born out of Jane’s desire to bring the community into her craft, and CCP now offers both product development  and training programs for implementation in communities.

Jane’s level of resourcefulness is hard to match

"Jane and her team have an incredible ability under severely challenging conditions to source and secure the appropriate products to enable us to deliver a bespoke experience to our discerning guests."

Jason Turner
General Manager Singita Pamushana
A Creator of Innovative Spaces

"Jane is extremely dynamic and pays attention to detail resulting in very refined products. Their willingness to experiment and try new methods is so refreshing."

Kerry Van Leenhoof
Interior Designer and Architect on And Beyond- Matetsi River Lodge
Forward thinking design

"Jane works tirelessly to support local communities and consistently produces unique and exquisite handmade products. Jane's positive energy is priceless for the industry."

Holly Hudson
Holly Hudson Design
Clever ideas & carefully interwoven themes

"Camelthorn Lodge is a testament not only to Jane’s good taste and inspired and innovative ideas, but also her hard work in getting the job done."

Mark Butcher
Imvelo Safari Lodges
Passionate about craft and community.

"Jane Taylor is a great Ambassador for incorporating traditional handcrafted products into her interior design projects and enabling visitors from far and wide to appreciate local culture"

Gail Mawocha
Mustard Seed
Bespoke basketry, rush matting & flooring solutions for the trade
Fresh & innovative designs

A harmonious marriage of form and function. By refining design whilst using traditional skills CCP helps create a more refined product range with a broader appeal for the global market place.

sustainable materials

Only locally sourced and renewable resources are used.

gift collection & retail

Thoughtful and unique guest gifts and pillow drops for every occasion from our 100% hospitality range

Handmade in Africa

Using traditional methods each item is handcrafted to be perfectly imperfect<br />

Extraordinary Skills

CCP works with a wide network of designers and artisans with a broad range of skills and knowledge of different materials

made with love

CCP believe in the greater purpose of combining craft with community, and preserving traditional methods for future generations.

We work with the finest, natural materials and expert weavers from local communities to produce the highest quality goods possible.
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