Our Ethos





Our core beliefs and values are rooted deeply in the fundamental responsibility to preserve the traditional skills and natural heritage of Zimbabwean culture and craft. Each piece in our range of homeware is handmade using Fair Trade principles, which form the framework of our small business.

At the heart of CCP, we hope to build a legacy for female artisans through partnership and collaboration, and it is key to our long-standing commitment to pursue this goal. It is important for our team to fully immerse ourselves in the craft communities we partner with, and believe that strong relationships flourish through respect for one another and transparency by providing dialogue and support in working towards a mutually beneficial outcome.

By building sustainable business practices through partnership and collaboration, we aim to secure the future of the craft community, and we hope to enable a valuable sense of independence for the women we partner with.

Our Founder

Jane Taylor works in tandem with top international designers to help realise their vision, and create exceptional lifestyle products that tell a story and stand out in the global marketplace.

With more than two decades of product design and development experience, and a strong passion for sustainable and authentic interior design, Jane’s natural design aesthetic has allowed her to create CCP’s signature collections, as well as work on many regional installations in the hospitality sector.

Collaborative Craft Projects was born out of Jane’s desire to bring the community into her craft, and CCP now offers both customised product development and training programmes for implementation in rural communities, as well as wholesale opportunities for the trade through the export range.

Meet The Team


Finance & Accounts

Ila ensures the wheels keep turning on our small brand by ensuring our artisan partners are paid on time and order payments are duly processed when landing. Indispensable to the daily operations at CCP, Ila allows us to focus on the fun stuff, be creative and stay on top of things.


Receiving & Tagging

Belinda "Bee” joined the team as a school leaver with a desire to find a team and a job to call “home". She is now very much part of the CCP family and has grown significantly and found her stride. She is solely responsible for QC, receiving, quantifying and tagging, the hundreds of baskets that pass through our hands. Always found with a tape measure in hand and a beautiful smile, she is vital part of our small team.


Quality Control & Packing

'Quietly Accomplished’ Nerica, is always found with a crochet hook in her bag and is meticulously turned out. Mother of 6 and managing children with special needs at home, Nerica is committed to her work and joins us weekly to assist with the monumental the task of packing, handling and managing the inventory at our warehouse. Her craft skills in embroidery and crocheting are also exceptional and she contributes to the production of our Christmas Decorations each year, as well as certain unique products in our collection.


Quality Control & Packing

Completing the team at HQ is Eunice, our serial entrepreneur and master chef, she has her fingers in many pies. A solid member of our staff Eunice is always willing to assist in inventory management, and export preparations at HQ. Championing SME's herself she has won several awards for her efforts. Cheerful and always smiling, Eunice is a proud mum to Edwin who was born with severe challenges, it is an inspiration and delight to celebrate her achievements and have her at working with us.


Shipping Agent & Import/Export Expert

Ensuring the safe carriage of precious cargo, Chris heads up her own established team who take care of getting CCP orders across the globe. With over 3 decades of experience with Africas largest shipping companies and brokers she is our tried and trusted partner and service provider who helps our customers to manage and navigate the export/import (from Zimbabwe) process with ease.

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