We work within and across many rural communities throughout Zimbabwe, and draw from a vast artisan network built over two decades of working within these communities. Our homeware pieces in our range are all handmade, and while we maintain a high standard of production and quality control within the weaving groups, we equally celebrate the individual and their craft, and trust our customers appreciate and value this too.

Betty's Group

Betty began her artisan journey as a solo entrepreneur and as demand grew with CCP expanded her skills and now heads up a group of 7 mature women who are all experts in coil weaving. Her range of products comprises of our popular Betty Woven Tray and Lily Woven Laundry Basket, which both play a large part of our functional homeware and hospitality range. This group is based in Southern Matabeleland, on the outskirts of Bulawayo and their products have been exported all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, USA and The UK.

Mirriam's Group

Using the “piece work principle”, Mirriam heads up a large craft community of 200 women through satellite groups. This craft community is dispersed all around Matebeleland and their primary skill set is weaving with Ilala Palm. Ilala Palm weavers in Matabeleland are well known for baskets such as Garlic Gourds. CCP works closely with Mirriam’s groups who produce CCP lighting pendants and lampshades. Through constant workshops run by our team, we continue to develop new products with this vast group of craftpreneurs.

Twabanemaano's Group

On the borders of Hwange National Park, approximately 800km from Harare, a group of vibrant women are responsible for the production of our Bright Binga Baskets. These baskets bring colour into the CCP range and are as unique as the women who weave them. Central to this technique is the collection of used plastic grain bags so that they can be woven, with Ilala Palm into each basket. Headed up by Na Austin (Mother of Austin), this group of 30 artisans is mindful of their natural environment. By using recycled plastic they are harvesting their Ilala Palm plantations in a regenerative way that is sustainable to both their land and their craft enterprise. CCP is working closely with this group to expand their skills and to develop products such a mirrors and Baby Nongo gourds.

Vukuzenzele's Group

This family craft business of 8 strong women have worked closely with CCP for over two decades. Founding member Thandiwe heads up production, manages orders and shares her expert knowledge of organic dyeing with the group. Thandiwe and her team are largely responsible for the weaving of our rush matting which is used in Safari Camps and has been exported globally. The Ndebele translation of the word “Vukuzenzele” is “We work together…” which forms the basis of this long standing partnership.

Eunice & Nerica

Heading up one of our Urban Creative teams, these two women have a wide and varied skill set ranging from embroidery, crochet, sewing, mat trimming and all needle work. More than producing products from CCP such as Yoga Pads and Sisal Cushion Covers, they are fully engaged in the creative and craft community in Harare. With their proximity to our head offices, they have become very much part of our team and are also involved in the packing and handling of all export orders. 

Binga Group

The Binga District is well known for the famous Binga Basket which forms the basis of many well known heritage crafts, unique to Zimbabwe. Our Binga Collection spans a broad reach across the district and our orders benefit approximately 450 women in this area. CCP works hard to make a positive impact on the weaving communities within this region through product development and workshops, food relief campaigns and regular export orders. Preserving the traditional skills of their baskets by continuing to offer opportunities to the women through orders, is extremely important to the CCP team.

Rachel's Group

Rachel started working with CCP when she attended a free workshop that we ran in 2016. She specialises in raw natural fibres, organic dying and bag making. Rachel’s products are made entirely by hand and her skill set is extremely unique to her product. Over the years we have worked closely with her to develop a range of products so that she can supply CCP with Kasbah Cushion Covers and our new Kasbah Carpets and Ottoman. An excellent leader, she heads up a team of 66 women who are based in the foothills of the Chimanimani Mountains. 

Shingirirai's Group

This group was founded in 2021, headed up by Anna and her family who specialise in weaving rush matting and placemats and are located in a remote mining village in Mashonaland. Anna has actually had a long standing relationship with CCP and was part of the mat weaving group in Matabeleland. Having moved to Mashonaland, Anna who is extremely resourceful saw an opportunity with the raw materials in her new area, she shared her skills with her daughters and formed an entirely new group. Reconnecting with CCP in early 2021, Anna and the Shingirirai Group continue to produce export order for CCP.    

William & Wilbert

Urban creatives William and Wilbert are both based in Matabeleland.

We met William during lockdown and it wasn’t long before we welcomed him to the team!

To have a welding artisan join our team has made a huge difference to the production of lighting, trays and tables. William is an exceptional raw talent who loves welding and what he does, he is a positive person who jumped on board to learn all about product development, sampling, costing and pricing and we continue to develop metal products.

With over two decades of experience, Wilbert works with us specialising in hand crafted leather works, trimming baskets and adding luxury handles to our Betty Trays. Although his skillset is varied from crafting leather bags to corporate books, we are always grateful for his workmanship which is of a high quality and we believe, elevates our product to appeal to a high end customer.  

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