Trade & Exports

CCP supplies wholesale and retail buyers across the globe with the range offered in our Wholesale Catalogue. We welcome and accommodate buyers with Air Freight or LCL throughout the year. We also offer container orders via Sea Freight and limit our containers annually. Please enquire for the cycle of orders to find your optimum time slot, and the best fit for your company or brand.

Interior Design & Hospitality Projects

Working alongside a growing community of Interior Designers and Boutique Hotel Groups in the world of hospitality, we offer a Bespoke Design Option for highly specialised projects. Inherent to this, is the belief and mutual understanding of our shared values, and a desire to use sustainable materials in our products in any installation from the ground up. With a long history in hospitality and a genuine understanding of this space, we offer woven design solutions which include but are not limited to: functional homeware, lighting and natural flooring.

Product Development & Design Programmes

The fundamental need to continually make an impact in the lives of the communities we work with, is embedded deeply within the culture of our small brand. We work in tandem with NGO’s and globally recognised institutions to provide evaluation and assessment of groups in the field, and implement effective training and design workshops to develop new products, build capacity, and enable functional and sustainable simple business models for these groups. These programmes aim to empower rural artisans and groups to develop their craft, master their skills, and refine their business models. We are able to create new products that meet the needs of a global marketplace, brand or retailer, and strive to build capacity and provide access to market that never previously existed for these groups.

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